St John the Baptist is involved in a number of social justice issues and participates in raising funds for Caritas, St Vincent de Paul and Catholic Mission to support its mission work. We also support Socktober in support of Catholic Mission and donated funds in support of a new school in Ghana.

Year 6 are actively involved in visiting Benhome Aged Care Home each term for pastoral visits and to lead activities for the residents of Benhome. 

Respect and responsibility are important values at St John the Baptist. The "You Can Do It” program, which is a Kindergarten to Year 6 program based based on building values. The program focuses on building social, emotional and motivational capacity of our students. By using this program, students and teachers use the same language and have the same expectations. This has assisted our students to take responsibility for their own choices and actions. Our aim is to develop life skills for our students so that they are responsible members of the school and are able to show respect towards each other. The school’s weekly award system highlights and promotes these values on a regular basis.